by Pyraweed



All Instruments / Vocals - Nijat Hasanzadeh
Solo Guitar - Reshid Memmedli
Recording / Mixing / Mastering - Elgun Atakhanli

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released July 28, 2015




all rights reserved


Pyraweed Baku, Azerbaijan

Smoking Marijuana & Transferring senses with a help of sounds.

Pyraweed band was created by Nijat Hasanzadeh (guitar/vocals) in January 2015. Later, Ramin Sadigov (drummer), Baboy Mirzayev (bass player) and Sadig Alizada (effects/sampling) joined the band.

The band plays Sludge/Stoner/Doom metal.
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Track Name: Inside Green Chaos
I see the wide-open wings of darkness
I am instructor in a fixed fight
I hear the cries of the dumb slave
Planar smoke tight hugs me
I am my own fear
The journey takes and absorbs the bad and the good
I'm sitting inside green chaos
I see a large and very weak creatures
I long to go from trap
Sacred riff raise me to heaven
Track Name: Black Blinding Sun
One more chance to find a key
Closed doors are in the wait
Ghosts of sad eternity, have stuck in the meat pieces
Black blinding sun, beaming with death
Iron snake is bearing them inside, comforting with a lie, soothes with nicotine
Someone scares, someone scared
Electrical thoughts suggesting some action
More than half unconsciously ended up in the hatred school
Black blinding sun, beaming with death
Day by day there is more madness, more self-destruction
Through the universal gate, the purest information is flowing
Cosmic hashish is opening windows for new feelings
Alcoholical-nicotined killers are continuing the war
They made a s tep forward, accepted that there is no way back
Dirtied children made of pure nature, don't allow to move
Track Name: D(sl)eep
She's perfect, she's angel, but she doesn't exist
The curtains of death are opening
Nether spirit advises not to fear
Don't be afraid of death
Bright night - I see the god
Machines are destroying the city
Corpse of a little girl is opening eyes
Underground station that no one knows, besides of me
I'm alone here
Sandsea with flying pyraweeds
This happened once
Strange, Chaos
I'm finding myself and searching for the answers in unidentified world
Track Name: Salvation
One step and i'm no longer in the cave
The exit to the light, the exit to the freedom
Ahead is the path to the Holy Mountain,
Which waits me patiently as the Buddha
I'm not in the pond any more,
I'm floating down the stream
I hear the cries of the suffering beings who calls back
Ahead is the path to the Holy Mountain,
Which waits me patiently as the Buddha
Frustrated mud, desperate looking behind back
It's impossible to crush my peace